5 Things NOT To Do If You Are Bugging In

I have never been a fan of the stockpile a years worth of food, enough weapons for a platoon, thousands of rounds of ammunition, I am going to stay in my house no matter what school of prepping. If that is your plan it will get you dead.

In this article I will list five things that will get you dead if sheltering in place is your plan if TSHTF.


Regardless of what you hear on TV or read in a book by some “expert” KEEP YOUR PREPS SECRET! I don’t give a flying monkeys ass that you and Bob work together, have BBQ’s on the weekends, your kids are all best buddies forever, and your wives like to take long sexy showers together while the two of you watch Don’t ever tell Bob, his wife, or their kids what you have and where it is!

Unless Bob and his family are as committed to prepping as you are you shouldn’t give Bob anymore information than how to get started prepping himself. If by chance Bob and his family ARE preppers too it is OK to let him and his family know A LITTLE about what you have but not ALL! Let Bob tell you whatever he wants, learn what he has and doesn’t have so you know where your preps may be lacking but never let him in on what all you have going on!

You have that shiny new 10 kw generator and a gazillion gallons of fuel stashed away so you can keep your beer cold in the fridge, your kids’ tablets charged, your lights on, and the TV going so you don’t miss the latest episode of Real Housewives. You are set, right? All the “prepper shows” say you are and they would never try to sell you anything or convince you to do something you shouldn’t right?

Now don’t think that I am saying not to have a means of back up power generation like a generator and fuel, not by a long shot am I saying that.

Where it will get you dead is using it as I outlined in the first paragraph. If all of your neighbors are lighting their houses with candles and flashlights and your house is lit up like Sports Authority Field for Monday Night Football exactly how long do think it is going to take your less prepared neighbor Bob to come knocking wondering what else you have that he doesn’t?


You’ve stocked the best, most expensive survival foods money can buy, you have multiple freezers filled to the brim with meat (and that shiny new generator to keep them running), and enough canned goods to feed a small town for a week. You have enough propane to keep your grill or stove cooking hot meals for the rest of your natural life. Man you are going to eat good now that the SHTF!

Meanwhile Bob and his family (and most of your neighbors) are eating whatever they can find including little Fido and Ms. Kitty. Exactly how long do think it is going to take Bob, Joe, or Mary Jane to come knocking on your door when day after day, night after night the smell of bacon cooking comes wafting out of your house and the smell of burgers on the grill rises ever afternoon? You think for one second that they won’t simply beat your ass, rape your dog, and kill your family for what you have, you my friend are in serious trouble.

I was boots on the ground within 36 hours after Katrina passed over New Orleans patrolling the streets looking for survivors and the animals that we knew would prey on them. I saw first hand a person killed for a damn candy bar. A candy bar! And the person who committed the crime did so because her child was hungry.

I have no doubt under normal circumstances she was a good person who never in a million years would  kill anyone, then her baby got hungry and she did what she felt she needed to do to keep that child alive. Don’t think for one second your “friends” and neighbors won’t do the same to you and your family to feed their own, if you choose to live in that particular delusional world filled with nothing but good people and unicorns who fart rainbows more power to you, good luck, and I am sure they won’t hurt you at all.

To avoid all that, don’t cook everyday, every meal. If you just have to munch on that burger or bacon every day change your eating times, become a damn vampire! Cook when Bob and the rest of your neighbors are asleep. Do whatever you have to do to avoid cooking during the day light hours, especially if there happens to be people about.


The SHTF and because you are so well prepared you hardly notice. Your wife is still stripping down naked and sun bathing in the back yard, your kids are running around playing in the front yard, and you are just chilling on the porch, beer in hand staring at your wife’s hot ass body thinking life is just great.

Meanwhile Bob and the rest of your neighbors are huddled in their homes wondering what the hell happened and where their next meal is going to come from. Then Bob hears your kids outside laughing and playing and starts to think, “What the hell is going on over there? Don’t they know the world as we knew it is gone and dead?” And over he comes along with a half-dozen other people to see just what it is that is making your life so much different from theirs.

If your neighbors and their kids aren’t out on the street you shouldn’t be either. Don’t draw unwanted attention to yourselves, do whatever it is your neighbors doing. If they are going out to scavenge food and supplies, you should go too. If their kids are huddled in the house 23 hours a day, yours should be too. The trick here is blend in and don’t stand out.


Bob (as well as all your other neighbors) have figured out that help is not coming in the form of FEMA trucks and everyone is leaving for greener pastures. You on the other hand intend to stay put because you have all those cool preps, why leave right?

Once everyone starts pulling out or getting ready to they are going to want you to go with them (safety in numbers and all that) and if you don’t they are going to wonder why you aren’t going. If you have paid attention to the “pulse” of the neighborhood you should have a few days at the very least, warning you of their intentions.

You have a couple of options here that each have their own set of risks.

Option A. “Leave” before everyone else. Drive your car away from your house, go a few miles away and park it then get back to your house secretly as quickly as you can. Once back maintain noise and light discipline, that means not cooking, no talking loudly, no lights after dark, etc. until everyone else leaves. The risk here is that Bob and your neighbors may pop by after you leave to see what they can grab to improve their lot in life. Speed in getting back to your house and the willingness to shoot Bob in the damn face should he decide to pop by are key here.

Options B. “Leave” when everyone else does making sure you are the last in line of any convoy. Drive a few miles with the group and at some point fake a breakdown or pull of the line out of march and get back to your house as quickly as possible.

The trick here is not to let anyone know you have everything you need to stay put, doing so puts you and your family at risk.


You have all the food, water, and fuel you need to ride out anything in the world. You’ve spent thousands of dollars buying 75 different weapons systems because some “expert” said it was the latest and greatest pop gun. You have enough ammo to re-fight WWII 3 times over and there is absolutely no way you are going to leave your house short of it burning down around your head, you will kill anyone who comes to take what you have. You’re hardcore that way from all that Call of Duty you played before TSHTF.

First of all you would have spent your money a bit more wisely if you had ensured that every adult and child over say 12 had an AR-15 or AK47 and 300-500 rounds of ammo, and sidearm for everyone over say 7 and 250-350 round for it, and 1 or 2 12 ga. shotguns with 200 rounds of bird shot, 200 rounds of 00 buckshot, and a couple dozen breaching rounds. Having more weapons than you have people is not only a waste of money but rather stupid since you can only fire them one at a time contrary to what you see in the movies and you sure as hell can’t carry them all!

Secondly you may be able to defend what you have from one or two people intent on taking it but you will lose against a determined gang of thug ass hood rats who outnumber you 3 or 4 to 1.

What are you going to do if a group of combat hardened vets who banded together to make sure they and their families survive and have cleared more houses during a single week in Mosul or Tikrit than a 20 year SWAT cop show up at your door? I can tell you what you are going to do. You are either going to give up all your shit without a fight or you and your family are going to die and then give up all your shit, that is what you are going to do.

The point here is don’t become so attached to all that cool stuff you have stocked up that you will let it kill you. If you have planned you have bug out bags ready to go for each member of your family, you know the routes to take to get out of Dodge, you have supplies stashed along all your possible routes of exit, and most importantly you have some place to go! The point being is the reason you started prepping is so you and your family would survive if TSHTF, don’t get dead because you didn’t realize your were outgunned. Don’t become so dead set on staying put that you can’t even think of a situation where you would have to bug out.

Now you know a few of the mistakes those who plan to shelter in place make and a few ways to avoid those same mistakes. Having been in the business of survival in multiple capacities and a prepper myself I am sure there are more than a couple of people who will look at the 5 things I listed above and say I am totally full of crap and there is no way anyone is going to defeat their defenses and get their stuff.

All I can say to those people is that I have lost count of the number of people who have asked me to “test” their defenses. And so far, without exception, there has not been a single one of them that I haven’t been able to defeat in short order with a team of 4-5 men.  By defeat I mean we have either been able to gain entry and take what we wanted through both direct action and more covert means (we broke in the damn place, with permission of course) or we made everyone “dead”. Either way we got their stuff.

I don’t care how bad ass, hardcore, and well-trained you are there is ALWAYS going to be someone who is badder, harder, and better trained than you that will take your shit!

Even though we are big advocates of Bugging Out when TSHTF in our next article we will cover 5 Things NOT To Do in a Bug Out.

Until then I look forward to seeing your comments and as always, Train to Survive!


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