Cell Phones as Survival Tools

I am sure you are wondering what good your cell phone is going to be once TSHTF, the grid is down, and there is no cell service any longer. True, it isn’t going to be much use as a communication device any longer but today’s “Smart Phones” are far more advanced than ever before with some models even more advanced than the high end GPS mapping and tracking devices.

I have configured my LG G2 more than once to work as a stand alone GPS receiver in those places I go without cell network or data connections by pre-loading the maps, routes, etc either while I have a data connection or via WiFi BEFORE I leave. It doesn’t have the 1 meter (or less) accuracy of a $500 stand alone GPS but it is good enough to get your location within a few feet as long as you can see the sky. Tossing a cheap smart phone or tablet in your BOB is not a bad idea.

If you can stand the B-52’s music the following video is an example of how easy it is to configure your Android to work as a stand alone GPS and map reading device.

Another survival use of a “Smart Phone” is being able to take pictures. It may not sound like much but the ability to take pictures of land marks, signs, etc and look at them later can help save your life. By taking pictures of various land marks along your route of march you can reference them on the way back out of the area making sure you are following a path to safety. Not to mention that you can use the video camera feature on most phones to record any interactions with police you may have. If you can password protect or otherwise “lock” your phone a recent Supreme Court Case, Riley v. California Oct–2013, held that police cannot search the data (pictures, video, phone numbers, etc) on your phone without a warrant.

You can read the Supreme Court Opinion HERE.

Another great use for a “Smart Phone” is that it can literally become a portable library. There is no way possible you could ever carry every FM, car repair manual, survival manual, or cookbook out there in your BOB. I literally have 10’s of thousands of pages stored on my “Smart Phone” in the form of eBooks.

I have books on car repair, survival, edible plants, animals and bugs, non-edible plants, animals, and bugs, building cabins, etc. all complete with photos and some with short videos.

You have a note pad, flashlight (depending on the phone), signaling device (using the SOS feature of the flashlight, depending on the phone), book reader, etc. With the number of apps being produced on a near daily basis aimed at survival or preparedness so the possibilities are how you can use your phone as a survival tool are limited only by your needs and your imagination.

With the use of solar charging panels, which have become very cheap and small, you don’t have to worry about keeping your device fully charged. There are even packs out there that have built in panels so you can charge your device as you walk.

Thanks for reading! I look forward to seeing your comments and as always, Train to Survive!


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