Cell Phones as Survival Tools

I am sure you are wondering what good your cell phone is going to be once TSHTF, the grid is down, and there is no cell service any longer. True, it isn’t going to be much use as a communication device any longer but today’s “Smart Phones” are far more advanced than ever before with […]

When They Bring A Knife

I was reading a news story about a man in Kansas armed with a knife who was shot at very close range by police. As soon as I finished reading that story I found  stories from Jacksonville, Alabama where an armed man advancing on officers with a knife was shot and killed, under similar circumstances, and […]

CQB Mistakes

Lately our little band of Merry Men and Women have moved from strictly getting range time and pulling the trigger to doing more and more training in the tactics we are likely to use if TSHTF. Everything from teaching everyone common and arm signals, patrolling, land nav, to CQB. This article will cover some of the […]

Four Legged Friends and Survival

In this article we are going to take a look at an often overlooked area of prepping for when TSHTF, pets. In particular dogs and cats, though the points outlined in this article apply to everything from hamsters to snakes. Our Animals We have a variety of pets in our family, 3 dogs, 3 cats, […]

Cover and Concealment

One thing I have seen grossly misunderstood is the difference between cover and concealment.  If you watch just about any Hollywood Bang Bang Shoot ’em Up movie invariably you will see the hero being protected from flying lead by flipping a table up, diving behind a couch, standing behind that sheet rock wall, or crouching down […]

Survival Communications

The question that a lot of people have not answered is how to communicate with family or members of their group when the “normal” means of communications are gone.  Being able to communicate with your family or group is vital and it is especially so in an Urban Survival situation, unfortunately I have found after […]

Training for When TSHTF

I had an interesting conversation the other day about training and a SHTF situation. I was asked what I thought the best training would be for that kind of situation, and I have to admit I didn’t know how to answer that question right then. Everyone wants to be as good as a Special Forces […]

Bug Out System

TSHTF and you have to decided to Bug Out, you grab your B.O.B and head out the door for your Bug Out site. A few miles from your house on the outskirts of town you, for whatever reason, are forced to ditch your B.O.B and everything in it. Can you still make it to your […]

5 Things NOT To Do If You Are Bugging Out

In our last article I covered 5 things not to do if your plan was to shelter in place in this article I am going to cover 5 mistakes that will get you dead if you plan on bugging out. As anyone who has read my articles or my books knows I am a big […]