ATTENTION: Solo Tactical Solutions has taken over ALL TRAINING for Vanguard Survival. You will still have the same great instructors, the same great prices, just a new name for the training side of things. When you click on either the Classes or Class Schedule links in our menu you will be taken to the Solo Tactical Solutions website where you can check out the classes we have to offer, training dates, and registration information. Thank you for choosing Vanguard Survival/Solo Tactical Solutions and TRAIN TO SURVIVE!

Vanguard Survival’s Mission is to help you by providing high quality gear and relevant, affordable training in emergency preparedness and survival. Because we are preppers just like you, we keep our finger on the pulse of survival, preparedness, and personal defense.

As a veteran and family run business, located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the owners and instructors at Vanguard Survival offer you, your family, or business the confidence, security and peace of mind that comes from knowing you won’t only Survive, but Thrive.

With over 40 years of combined experience,  gained through years of training and combat experience, our instructors have “Been There and Done That” so they know what works and what doesn’t when your life, and those of your family are on the line.

All of us at Vanguard Survival believe that the more “Sheep Dogs” out there the fewer “Wolves” we will ALL have to contend with when the next natural or man-made disaster happens.

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